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Dental Care

Many dogs and cats suffer severe dental disease. Just like humans, each dog or cat will have a different degree of tartar, inflammation, and infection in their mouth. Part of a complete physical exam is an oral exam. We will inform you of the degree of dental disease and what should be done to correct it. Caring Hands Pet Clinic sees this as one of the biggest health issues that is ignored or neglected in pets. Our comprehensive dental procedures involve dental probing and charting. Under anesthesia, the teeth are scaled above and below the gum line using appropriate hand and power instrumentation followed by polishing with a prophy paste. Infections in the mouth and gums can release bacteria into the bloodstream and over time affect the internal organs, including the heart, kidneys and liver. By addressing dental problems your pet will live a longer and more comfortable life. Can you imagine not ever having your teeth checked, cleaned or worked on by a dentist?



An astounding 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3. Periodontal disease is a common problem in dogs, particularly smaller breeds. About 28% of cats will develop painful resorptive lesions during their lifetime. Pet owners should be alert for potential dental health problems when any of the following signs are noted: drooling, unusual oral odor, pain or difficulty while eating, cracked or missing teeth, dental tartar on teeth or reddened, swollen gums.