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Our Doctor

Farshid Kiaei

Dr. Farshid Kiaei, commonly referred to as Dr. Kia has more than 28 years of experience in veterinary medicine. His experience in small, exotic, large animals and poultry have made him knowledgeable, confident and an accountable veterinarian. As a veterinarian, Dr. Kia’s interests are surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology, and radiology.

Prior to moving to Santa Maria and aside from his work outside North America, Dr. Kia ran his own small animal hospital in Canada for 5 years before selling and moving to Beaverton, Oregon. In Oregon, he worked as a full-time veterinarian at a very busy animal hospital for 3 years before deciding on living in warmer climates. Before joining Caring Hands, Dr. Kia worked as a relief veterinarian in the Los Angeles area to expand his knowledge of Californian related pet concerns.

Finally, Dr. K chose Santa Maria as his home due to its friendly people, beautiful scenery, and low traffic. As of this moment, Dr. K’s family consists of his wife; Tooran, two kids, one dog, and two cats. However, he hopes Santa Maria and its residents will become part of his family too.